Protecting your facilities, employees, inventory and records is critical. Commercial security can take many forms including Intrusion Protection, Access Control, CCTV, Inventory Control, and Loss Prevention.

Secure America professionals will work with you to analyze and discuss your specific concerns and design a system that best fits your specific business needs.

Always On Duty

When your business is monitored, you can rest assured that your security system is always up and running, ready to detect burglary, fire, hold-up, and sprinkler alarms.

Your monitored security system will continue to give you peace of mind, knowing that your specific needs have been addressed. ADT monitors the conditions relevant to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Total System Control – Anytime...Anywhere

SecureLink by Secure America is a new service that adds a whole new level of control and convenience to your security system. Here's just a few of its features:
  • 100% wireless back-up for alarm communication to the central monitoring station
  • Arm/ Disarm or check the status of your system from any internet connection
  • View system activity through your computer as it occurs
  • Receive notification by email, text messaging or phone when a door, window, motion, or safe is opened, armed/ disarmed, or activated.
Ask your representative how this exciting new Secure America service can enhance your SmartHome Lifestyle.

Customized & Complete System Control

System control is easy through your Control Panel, the heart of your commercial security system. Designed through needs analysis, your Control Panel is programmed to react in specific ways to various security devices. This enables smoke detectors, contacts and other detectors to report an alarm to the Monitoring Station.

Alerting devices, such as sirens or keypad sounders, are activated by the control panel in case of an emergency. Self-diagnostic trouble shooting is built into your Control Panel to as sure continuous dependability.

User Friendly Information at The Touch of a Button

Architects and building manages alike want a system with touchpads that offer useful features, practicality, and plain common sense simplicity. Commercial system touchpads access information and activate needed sensors. In an emergency, panic buttons can immediately summon the authorities. For taking care of business day-to-day, touchpads can be programmed to turn lights on and off, track arming and disarming of the system.

Each business has its own needs. Touchpads from Secure America offer a host of options designed to address those needs. From basic control, to the special needs of schools and institutions, to the sophisticated demands of high-security applications, Secure America has a Touchpad solution for you.

Build Safety Into Your Business

Statistics show that fire is one of the single greatest threats to a business. By creating a fast and accurate detection system for fire, carbon monoxide, low temperature and other threats to your business, everyone in your facility will feel more secure.

ADT's monitored fire protection from Secure America is revolutionary, offering advanced smoke and heat detectors that use state-of-the-art photoelectronic technology to alert the Monitoring Center. This "always-on" service works even when your security system isn't armed.

Protection From Break-Ins and Trespassers

Door and Window Sensors are extremely reliable and a must for protecting and securing entry points from break ins. Sophisticated in design, these small, almost unseen sensors offer an extra level of confidence for a business. Windows, doors, cases of valuables papers and prototypes, are all examples of uses for these types of sensors.

Installed by Secure America as a hard-wired or wireless device, door/window sensors are a strong deterrent to uninvited guests.

Interior Facility Protection

After hours, your business is vulnerable. Motion Sensors from Secure America provide protection whenever activated. Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors detect the movement and body heat of an intruder, sending the signal to the control panel, activating sirens and communicating with our Central Station.

There are many different Motion Sensor designs available from Secure America. We have the solution for all your commercial applications.

Sonic Security

To a burglar, breaking a window to gain entry is the easiest and most commonly used approach. But when your building is protected utilizing Glass Break Detectors, an intruder is stopped before he even enters.

Many commercial Glass Break Detector designs are available. Each "listen" for the sound frequency of shattering glass and have the ability to cover large, open areas. Glass Breaks detectors provide an economical solution for a high level of security.

Alerting You, Deterring Would-be Burglars

Inside and outside sirens are extremely effective in commercial security applications. A loud, intimidating sound alerts employees of an emergency, and in most cases sends a trespasser on his way.

In a commercial fire application, horn/strobe Sirens, alert with both sound and light, and are a requirement in most jurisdictions. Siren designs from Secure America are available with tamper guards, which cause the Siren to sound if someone tries to remove it from its mount.

Monitor, Limit and Document Entry

Many commercial buildings require limited and controlled access. Badges, Proximity Devices and Keyfobs are used as part of an access system to control the use of entryways and the flow of employee traffic. An official with your company can act as an administrator with these systems to add, edit or delete employee information whenever necessary.

In instances where high security is necessary, Biometric recognition systems with iris and/or fingerprint readers are used, and only predetermined individuals are permitted entry.

Watching Over Your Business

Surveillance has become standard with many commercial system applications. Closed circuit TV can monitor everyday activity 24/7. Technology now enables you to install the tiniest, most sophisticated cameras to allow total discretion with installation.

Special commercial needs are addressed through infrared cameras, enhanced magnification, and other hi-tech camera advancements. Continuous recordings can be kept as part of your security files. You can even "burn to disc" a permanent record of events. Surveillance can be designed and offered for the exterior as well as the interior of your property.