Creating a true cinematic experience in your home theater involves many decisions. From the size of the room to the type and placement of speakers, to the size and type of the screen itself. Careful consideration must be given to each choice to create the perfect entertainment environment.

Let the professionsals at Secure America design your Theater and take your home entertainment to a whole new level...

Bigger is better

Big Screen theater in the home has become affordable for everyone! What was once considered a luxury for the rich is now standard in many new homes.

When considering the installation of a Projection System, keep in mind a few simple questions:
  • Do you have a room you can use specifically for a Theater?
  • Can this room have ambient light controlled or eliminated?
  • Is this room at least 12' x 15'?
  • Do you plan to just watch movies on this system, or would you like to watch TV programming and play video games as well?
Secure America has Projection systems for every type of installation: from Standard Definition to today's true High Definition programming. Our consultants will insure you select the proper projector for your specific needs.

Just like the movies

The right screen will make your home theater projector's image look far brighter, crisper, and even blacker. The are 4 easy steps to determining the proper screen for you:
  1. Select a screen type – Front Projection, Rear projection, Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount.
  2. Select a screen size: based on room dimension, audience size and seating arrangement
  3. Choose a screen format: Widescreen or Standard display.
  4. Select a screen surface... this will depend on your projector type, lighting and viewing angles.

The Experience of Cinematic Surround Sound

Professionally installed Home Theater speaker systems deliver a full audio spectrum, making movie soundtracks rich, realistic and dramatic. Proper speaker selection and placement are key to this experience. Home Theater audio is recorded in several formats – 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 channel sound – and you will need to install a speaker system that matches the format you prefer.

From In-Wall to Satellite to Box Type, Secure America has a speaker system to fit your style and performance needs.

We Speak Greek

PLII-C, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS NEO, DD, DD-EX, THX... it looks like a Greek alphabet. Let our knowledgeable representatives guide you through the confusing maze of component selection. The right equipment will make your home theater the envy of the neighborhood.

Theater systems generally consist of the following components: Audio/ Video Processor, Amplifier, DVD Player and a Cable or Satellite TV Tuner. Secure America offers a complete selection of these devices. Do you already own some of this equipment? If so, we can even help you integrate it into your new system.

Only One Remote Control... REALLY!

The days of a separate remote for every device in your system are over. Easy to use RF remotes (meaning you don't have to point directly at your equipment... or even be in the same room) are available for almost every device. These remotes are easy to use and are feature packed. A single RF controller can replace up to 15 remotes!

Put the finishing touch on your Home Theater System with the perfect remote control.