Security: It's the peace of mind knowing your family is protected... the choice of adding technology inside your home for reliable monitoring... a safe, secure feeling is the heart of your SmartHome Lifestyle™.

Secure America designs and professionally installs technology-driven security systems that meet your family's needs. These systems can include:

Someone to Watch Over Your Family

Monitored security systems can be designed to meet your specific needs: What is your family's day-to-day lifestyle?... Are there pets in your home?... Do you travel frequently?... Do you worry about someone in your home that has a sensitive medical condition?... Do you know if your kids made it home safely from school?

Make the SmartHome Lifestyle choice. Have ADT monitor your home for these and other conditions... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Total System Control – Anytime...Anywhere

SecureLink by Secure America is a new service that adds a whole new level of control and convenience to your security system. Here's just a few of its features:
  • 100% wireless back-up for alarm communication to the central monitoring station
  • Arm/ Disarm or check the status of your system from any internet connection
  • View system activity through your computer as it occurs
  • Receive notification by email, text messaging or phone when a door, window, motion, or safe is opened, armed/ disarmed, or activated.
Ask your representative how this exciting new Secure America service can enhance your SmartHome Lifestyle.

System Management & Communication

The "heart" of your SmartHome security system, the Control Panel communicates with all the various detectors and devices located throughout your home and is programmed to react in specific ways to each security device. For example, a monitored smoke detector is active 24 hours a day whether your system is armed or not. Other detectors, like window contacts, only report an alarm when the system is armed and intrusion is detected.

In all cases, alerting devices, such as sirens or keypad sounders, are activated by your control panel to inform you of an emergency. It can even communicate trouble with your system, such as a low battery and relay this information to the Monitoring Station so you are assured your SmartHome System is always working properly.

Simple and Elegant control at Your Fingertips

With your touchpad, the options are yours. Set the system to page you in an emergency... turn your system on or off with a touch of your wireless keyfob... or press the status button to get a report that shows your system is working properly. In an emergency, panic buttons located on your touchpad can immediately summon the proper authorities... sirens sound and help is on the way.

In living the day-to-day SmartHome Lifestyle, your security system touchpad is your gateway to these and many other features.

Simple Steps for the Safety of Your Family

SmartHome monitored life safety detectors are vital. In fact, one out of every five homes in the U.S. will have a fire, burglary or carbon monoxide poisoning over the next 6 years.*

ADT's monitored fire protection from Secure America is revolutionary, offering advanced smoke and heat detectors that use state-of-the-art photoelectronic technology to alert ADT's Monitoring Center. This "always-on" service works even when your security system is not armed!

Secure America can also help protect your family and home from flooding, frozen pipes, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Let our representatives show you how a SmartHome System with these devices can provide your family with the peace of mind you deserve.

(*U.S. Department of Justice,
Criminal Victimization in the U.S., 1999)

Detect Intruders Before They Enter

Door and Window Sensors are nearly invisible, extremely reliable, and a must for securing entry points to your home and nearly anything else that opens and closes within. Windows, doors, cabinets, closets, art cases, and gun safes are all commonly found uses for these devises. Your alarm system is activated when there is unauthorized entry to these areas.

Sensors can be installed by Secure America as a hard-wired or wireless device. Either way, specialized protection becomes a feature of your SmartHome... and intruders are kept away.

Back-up Interior Security

In cases where individuals choose not to protect every opening in their home, motion detectors can protect large open areas with a single device.

The most commonly used motion sensor is a Passive Infrared Detector (PIR). This sensor detects the body heat and movement of an intruder, which in turn sends a signal to the control panel, activates sirens and communicates an alarm with ADT's Central Station. Special motion sensors can be installed which can even distinguish your pets from burglars.

Sonic Security

Breaking glass can be the sound of a burglar entering your home. Glass Break Detectors from Secure America "listen" for the sound frequency of shattering glass and can provide protection for windows within an area up to 35 feet from the sensor. Would-be burglars can now be detected before physically entering your home.

Alerting You, Deterring Intruders

Sirens are more than an alerting device. They are also a very effective deterrent to crime. Once activated, intruders know it's only a matter of minutes until the police arrive.

To insure your family is alerted to an emergency, an Inside Siren is part of every system. Many homeowners also choose to include outside sirens to alert neighbors to an emergency. Outside Sirens from Secure America are available with tamper guards, which cause the Siren to sound if someone tries to remove it from its mount. Sirens are a part of every SmartHome.

Observation, Surveillance, Protection

Camera systems can offer the benefits of security with surveillance. Video cameras can be installed so you can view them through special monitors installed in your home or even through your television. This enables you to see, record and archive what's happening around your property as part of your security file.

Exterior surveillance can see who is at the front door or help keep watch on your children in the swimming pool. Inside your SmartHome, video observation of a babies room or play area can free you up to move around the house and still keep an eye on what's most precious to you.