Let our consultants help you design a home that matches your lifestyle. By utilizing the latest technologies, Secure America can create a "SmartHome" that can "think with you."

What can a Smart Home Network do for you? Provide High-Speed Internet in every room, distribute High Definition TV to every set in the house, enable business style phone systems with voicemail for every family member, Automate Lighting and Temperature Control, or how about the luxury of a Whole House Audio/ Video System that gives you access to your entire CD and DVD collection with Title Information, Cover Art, and more displayed on all your home's Video monitors.

In creating your SmartHome Lifestyle™ with Secure America, you're limited only by your imagination...

Gateway to the World

In your home, wiring codes mandate that electrical circuits for all your lighting, outlets and appliances be wired to one, convenient panel location. Here they are connected to the electrical service feed from the utility company. If you have an electrical problem or want to add a circuit, you have a single, convenient location to service your electrical needs. This has not been the case for Phone, TV and Data wiring.

With the growth and development of "Low Voltage" services: Shared High-Speed Internet, High-Definition Satellite and Cable TV, full featured Phone Systems, Distributed Music Networks and Home Automation, the America National Standards Institute (ANSI) has adopted new Industry Standards* to guide technology Integrators in designing and installing these, and future home systems.

The Connection Center is an enclosure typically located in an unfinished area of your basement. It provides a conveniently located cable management system with upgradeability, reliability, and modularity. All your SmartHome Lifestyle wiring is terminated here for a one-point gateway to the outside world.


The Contemporary Kitchen

ICEBOX offers the only family media center specifically designed for the kitchen – the heart of a home. The ICEBOX combines TV, DVD, audio CD player, broadband Internet access, FM radio and home video monitoring all in one sleek, space-efficient device. The ICEBOX countertop model fits conveniently anywhere and the ICEBOX flipscreen model fits snugly under a kitchen cabinet and features an adjustable LCD monitor that flips up and out of the way when not in use.

Switch between features with a simple press of a button on the wireless washable keyboard, remote control or use the handy touchscreen. The easy-to-use interface allows you to monitor a child in the next room, or instantly access your favorite tv shows. You can also watch movies on DVD, send e-mail, or use the web to find essential information on the fly. You can even listen to music cd's or tune in favorite stations with the built in FM stereo.

The innovative ICEBOX flipscreen places web enabled entertainment at your fingertips all in one elegant, kitchen-proof device.

Get Connected

As SmartHomes rely more and more on database management and automated electronic control, computer networking becomes increasingly important. Ethernet networking is the most efficient and least expensive network available. Network speeds have reached new levels, with modern Ethernet transmitting data at an astonishing 1,000 megabits per second.

"Switched" Ethernet can support literally hundreds of end stations, allowing network control over the Internet, phone lines, computers, audio/video equipment, etc. "Full Duplex" Ethernet offers the ability to send and receive data at the same time, creating a collision-free environment.

Is there anyone Not on the Web!

Today, the Internet has become a necessity . The availability and rapid exchange of information has literally changed our world.

Designing your SmartHome to provide greater access to the Internet just makes good sense. Shared broadband connections and intranet options are just two examples of techniques that will put information and data to better use for you.

Networking Your Telephone Lines

Today's generation of phones and phone systems require more than the "pair of copper wires" installed for decades in most homes. Installing a Connection Center which supports multiple incoming phone lines provides many benefits: high quality connections, interchangeable jacks that convert between telephone and Internet, multi-way calling, call transfers, intercom, music on-hold, individual voicemail for each family member and much more.

Secure America installs only "Category" rated wire that meets the highest industry standards*. This lets you have up to 4 separate lines at each phone location... each terminated with wall plates and accessories that deliver the efficiency you want with no cross-talk.

(*All wire types used by Secure America meet or exceed TIA/EIA570-A specifications.)

High Quality Television in Every Room

High Definition Plasma, LCD and Projection displays have different cabling requirements than the standard TV's we grew up with. Distribution of signals for these monitors throughout your home is made simple with Secure America's Smart Home Network.

RG-6 quad-shield cable installed by Secure America is of the highest quality which provides accurate picture reproduction and reduces signal interference. This cable is used for broadcast, satellite and cable TV installations. Best of all, Secure America will provide you with a Manufacturers Limited Lifetime Performance Warranty.